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Hose Crimpers - MobileCrimp™ 4-20
MobileCrimp™ 4-20 | Gates Corporation

If you need factory-quality assemblies on the job site, there's no better hydraulic hose crimper than Gates new, state-of-art MobileCrimp 4-20. MobileCrimp 4-20 is light, versatile, yet powerful enough to crimp hose up to 1-1/4" four-spiral hydraulic hose

Designed based on recommendations from those who know crimping best -- people who do it for a living. Its light, easy to use, versatile ... and affordable.

3 controller options for purchase:    Positive stop
   Digital dial

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Here's more: 

  • Get one hose crimper for all your needs -- the MobileCrimp 4-20 crimps the full range of Gates hydraulic hoses, everything from low- pressure return line to high-pressure four-spiral hose.                      
  • Portable (approximately 55 pounds); can be mounted permanently on a service vehicle or work bench, if desired.                      
  • Bottom-loading feature provides clear view of crimping area.                      
  • Ability to crimp in various positions for added versatility on the job site.                      
  • Swing-away cylinder provides easy die and assembly loading and unloading.                      
  • Unique die design holds coupling in crimping position to free hands and help prevent accidents.                      
  • Light and buzzer alert the operator that crimp is complete (not available on positive stop).                      
  • Works with most 10,000 psi pumps.                      
  • Controller options can be upgraded as your crimping needs change.





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